The Sushi Nine Story

We’ve returned from the ashes to once again join you in celebrating life’s special moments with delicious food and a renewed sense of community.

A New BeginningA Poem to Sushi Nine

Our Story

A New Beginning

In 2015, we experienced a devastating fire that destroyed our lovely Sushi Nine. This robbed our community of an engaging, fun place to gather and enjoy a taste of exotic Asian flavors. We are so grateful for the heart-warming letters and notes that poured in, giving us the strength to keep going.

Our loving and caring community embraced us, and we feel so fortunate.

There were times that we thought this might be the end of the road, that we would need to find a new direction. But the memory of seeing you, our loyal customers, celebrate birthdays, graduations, sports championships, family celebrations – we definitely could not leave that, and you, behind.

Instead, we are coming back to continue cherishing many more precious moments and we are honored to be a part of your lives.

In the Spotlight

A Poem to Sushi Nine

We didn’t know the place would burn
We heard the news, So sad to learn

What to do, Where to go?
The other sushi places… Do they even know?

So full of hunger, So full of despair!
The other sushi places… Do they even care?

No more saki bombs, No more sushi…
We’ll miss you sushi 9, But it’s all Gucci.

Again you will flourish, From the ashes you’ll rise!
We all know it, There will be no surprise.

Again we will feast, Again we will dine.
Bellies will be filled, With food divine!

Until you’re back, We’ll ask where you’ve been…
The world make way, Here comes sushi 10.

by Markie Crum


What People are Saying

“Definitely one of my favorites in Raleigh”

"Decent price and amazing food. From the friendliness of the staff to the quality, to the cleanliness and how fast you get your food is great. I've never left hungry and unsatisfied."


“Great food and the great service!”

"I was heart broken when I realized that there had been a fire! This is one of my favorite restaurants and I hope you are able to rebuild soon. I miss the food and the great service!"


“I recommend Sushi Nine to anyone and everyone!”

"Me and my girlfriend have been going to Sushi Nine for about 6 months now. It is the best place ever. Hands down. The service is awesome. They're so polite. The food is spectacular. And the price is so reasonable."


"Best sushi ever"

"Service was phenomenal and it puts our sushi here in va to shame. Oh and the crab wontons were the best I've ever had."